Welcome to The Corporate Center

Please Note - Change of Policy for Holiday Season

Although we do not charge for late pickups throughout the year, it has become necessary to modify our policies during the period of November 15 - January 15

1) During the period mentioned above, we ask that parcels be picked up within 1 week of notification of receipt - penalties may be incurred if left for longer periods of time.

2) Parcels are available for pickup only after 48 hours of receipt - it is nearly impossible for us to sort through thousands of packages immediately upon receipt to allow pickup.

3) Notification of parcel receipt may not be able to be made the same day - we try our best to notify you immediately upon receipt, but again, with the volume, this sometimes may not be possible and you may get called the next day.

We thank-you for your continued patronage and trust that you understand the need for us to modify our policy during this extra busy time.

As your ORIGINAL Ogdensburg/Canada package partner, we are happy to welcome you and to continue to provide you with top-notch service for your package and shipping needs.

Take Time to Compare

As a reminder, we DO NOT charge a monthly fee, we do not take your credit card info, and we do not charge you late fees on packages. Although we ask you to pick up your parcels in a timely fashion, we will not penalize you if the unexpected happens.

There are other companies in the area that provide package services, and we ask that you take the time to compare and educate yourself on their services and pricing models.



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* New Hours *

Please note that we are now open from 10:00 a.m. - Noon EVERY Saturday with the exception of Holiday Weekends.

We also will open up by appointment if you are unable to make it during regular business hours - please call to discuss your requirements!


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